Bad eyesight


There is now a

Watery eyes

Weak sight

Cataracts - macular degeneration

High essence of Blueberry, Omega 3-6-9, Coenzyme Q10 ... with high content helps restore corneal damage and anti-aging eyes

Nanotechnology breaks down micronutrients into micro-particles to increase absorption and maximize biochemistry.

FDA certified that there are no side effects like western drugs

Restore vision at the lowest cost

EYELAB is an effervescent tablet product made with US supermolecular nanotechnology, that comes from Blueberry Essence, Omega 3-6-9, at Coenzyme Q10 that can help return the weldare of the cornea, while also having an anti-aging effect. This helps the eye right away, and is 98 times more effective that other methods. The effectivity is confirmed by both experts and the media.

Problems about


The eyes


are increasing

Blurry and painful eyes

Itchy and puffy red eyes

Teary eyes as a sign of infection

Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and astigmatism

Pinsala sa conjunctival,Retinal

Are you facing these challenges?

No more blurry vision, no more pain, no more dry eyes, and no more long tearing sessions.

Removes cataracts from macular degeneration

Improves eyesight, deducts nearsightedness and farsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Supplements nutrients that help make the cells in the eyes from the inside

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Certified and recommended by the FDA and leading experts.

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After the age of 35, the organs in the body start to age, especially the eyes. The lack of care regarding the first few signs and symptoms are the primary cause of the more complicated diseases and can cause blindness in the long run."

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Eyelab is a product exclusively made from US Nano technology

Eyelab is created by nanotechnology and nano drug delivery system using nanoparticle system has many advantages such as increased absorption, increased bioavailability; increased drug stability; increase safety. Due to the small size, large surface free energy and large contact area, the ability and speed of dissolution increases, thereby increasing the bioavailability of the drug. Thus increasing the ability to regenerate eye cells and eye neurons


Omega 3
Vaccinium corymbosum extract
Vitamin E – Tocopherol
Vitamin B2
Zinc Gluconate
Lutein 20%

1. Omega 3

Are fatty acids that play an essential role in the body and are beneficial to health, including 3 types: DHA, EPA, ALA.
DHA and EPA are important components in the structure of retinal cells in the eyes and brain, supplementing these two fatty acids will support vision and memory enhancement.
Good for baby's development: DHA plays a very important role in visual and neurological development in children.

2. Vaccinium corymbosum extract

Vaccinium corymbosum are high in antioxidants. Anthocyanins pigments, Vitamins E, C, b-carotene present in Vaccinium corymbosum have a strong neutralizing effect on free radicals.
Anthocyanins have the effect of protecting the retina from oxidative damage as well as the harmful effects of sunlight and improving night vision, reducing myopia.
Vaccinium corymbosum are rich in vitamin A – essential for vision.
Another active ingredients in Vaccinium corymbosum improve blood and oxygen supply to the eyes, scavenge free radicals – a risk factor for collagen breakdown, thereby participating in the prevention and treatment of cataracts and degeneration macular.

3. Vitamin E – Tocopherol

Strong antioxidant effect, capturing free radicals generated during metabolism
Enhance retinal protection, prevent the risk of retinal damage due to vitamin E deficiency.

4. Vitamin B2

Participating in the synthesis of fatty acids, including purine, forming Nucleic acids and present in the amino acid composition, in the structure of the retina and cornea of the eye
Support the treatment and prevention of eye diseases: watery eyes, thick cornea, protruding eyes, ...

5. Zinc

Stimulates metabolism of vitamin A – essential for vision.
Stimulates visual activity and central nervous system.

6. Lutein 20%

Lutein acts as an antioxidant and absorbs blue light. Lutein is concentrated mainly in the macula of the eye, in some retinas and is an essential substance for the ability of the eye to see. Lutein protects the eyes against the harmful effects of stress, oxidation and the high photon energy of blue light
Support the treatment of macular degeneration in the elderly, prevent the risk of blindness, night blindness.
Statistics in the US: 10% of people aged 66-74 years old, 30% of people aged 75-85 years old have macular degeneration due to reduced levels of lutein in the eyes.

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✔️ Children over 6 years old and adults: Take 1 capsule, twice a day, after meals 30 minutes.

💊 1 tablet in the morning
💊 1 tablet in the evening
🥛 Combine drinking lots of water during the day


Mrs Maria Simon
(57 years old)

I watched on TV and saw an advertisement for Eyelab, I also bought it to try, but unexpectedly, it lighted up clearly, my eyes are not tired like before, the fog is not like before- covered state.

Mr Lee
(65 years old)

I don't believe in online sales, but my friend said this product is good for my eyes, so I bought it to try. Now my eyes don't water, it's not comfortable, I can clearly see words in books, newspapers, phones and more.

Mr Arnold Singh
(48 years old)

I watched TV, telephone, read books and newspapers, the condition of flies, tears was completely relieved after using EYELAB.


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